O Jiska Sathi Hai Bhagwan Song Lyrics – Mohammad Rafi

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O Jiska Sathi Hai Bhagwan (By: Mohammad Rafi)

From the movie – Aastik

O Jiska Sathi Hai Bhagwan Song Lyrics in English

O jiska sathi hai bhagwan
Usako kya rokega aandhi aur tufan

Gagan chur ho jaye, jamin chahe dharati me dhans jaye
Tufano ki god me chahe sara jag kho jaye, panv na rukne paye
O jiska sathi hai bhagwan

Jiske shish pe hath hazaro, chhu na koyi payega
Hari nam se parwat tinka ban jayega, duul meimil jayega
O jiska sathi hai bhagwan

Bhakt hari ka bandhan toh jo deepak aur bati
Usi jyoti se ye jalti hai, usame hi mil jati deh amar
O jiska sathi hai bhagwan

O Jiska Sathi Hai Bhagwan Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

ओ Jiska Sathi Hai Bhagwan
Usko Kya Rokega Aandhi और Tufan
गगन चूर हो जय, जेनिन चेहा धाराती मी धनन जय
Tufano Ki God Me Chahe Sara Jag Kho Jaye, Panv Na Rukne Paye
ओ Jiska Sathi Hai Bhagwan
Jiske shish pe hah hazaro, छु ना Koyi Payega
हरि नाम से परवत टिंका प्रतिबंध जयगा, डुउल मीमिल जयगा
ओ Jiska Sathi Hai Bhagwan
भक्त हरि का बंधन तोह जो दीपक और बाटी
Usi Jyoti Se Ye Jalti है, Usame HI MIL JATI DEH AMAR
ओ Jiska Sathi Hai Bhagwan

About the movie – Aastik

Shankar (Amitabh Bachchan) grows up as a Nastik (athiest) because his father got murdered by Tiger and his mother and sister got torched in their house and blamed God for doing nothing. After his father, mother and sister got killed, he decided to bring justice himself and the child Shankar went to the palace of Tiger but instead of killing, he blind him. When he grows up, he went to have a career of stealng other people’s property. He join forces with Balbir (Pran) and Gauri (Hema Malini). At one time, he was shot by Tiger (Amjad Khan) for stealing his goods and then in an attempt to hide, he found his mother, who he thought was dead in that fire. In a rude awakening, he decided to stop stealing other people’s property and find his long lost family. Incidedntally, Balbir saved Shankar’s sister who was chased by Tiger’s men as she went outside to bring medicine for her mother. When Shankar went to bring medicine for the mother, he finally told her that he was the long lost son and the family were finally reunited. Shankar found out from his sister that the enemy who he thought had killed, actually was alive. He decided to finish him once and for all. Does he succeed in his quest for revenge? Does he finally start to believe God?

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084393/