Kahi Duur Mujhe Jana Hai Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Do Anjaane movie


Kahi Duur Mujhe Jana Hai Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Do Anjaane

Movie : Do Anjaane

Song : Kahin Duur Mujhe Jana Hai

kahin door mujhe jaana hai kahin door

i have to go far somewhere somewher far

koi mere saath chale na chale

anybody comes or not

mujhe koi saathi mille na mille na

may i not get any feloow passengers(friends)

par jaana hai zaroor hai

but i have to go certainly

kahin door kahin door

somewhere far -2

jaha mere sapno ka pyar pale …

where my love is flourishing

ho yeh chand sitaro lage pyare pyare

ho this moon and stars are loks lovely

jee chahatha hai in ko chu lo

my hearts desires to touch them

ban ke badariya udd udd jaoo

i become cloud and fly

neel gagan ke good mei jhoomo

in the lap of the sky i sway with joy

peeche chor ke kaha

i am leaving behind i am going

jaha mere sapno ke pyaar pale …

oh chahe yeh duniya

may be this world

roke mere rahe

will try to stop me

phir bhi mai na rok payo

but then also i am able stop

haar mushkil ko gale se laga

embrace all difficulties

aage aage badhti jao

i will go forward forward

mere manzil wahi

my destination is there

mera dil wahi

my heart is also there

jaha mere sapno ka pyaar pale

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