Jaane Kya Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Shola Aur Shabnam movie

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Jaane Kya Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Shola Aur Shabnam

jaane kyaa Dhoond thi rahathee hai ye aankhen mujh mein

I wonder what these eyes keep searching for in me

raakh ke dher mein sholaa hai na chingaaree hai

In the heap of ashes, neither is there flames nor amber

ab na vo pyaar na us pyaar ki yaaden baakee

Now neither that love nor its memories remain

aag yoon dil mein lagee kuchh na rahaa kuchh na bachaa

There was such a fire in my heart, nothing is left nothing remains

jiski tasveer nigaahon mein liye baitaa ho

whose photo/picture I see in my eyes always

main vo diladaar naheen uski huun khaamosh chitaa

I am not the same loving person but its quiet grave meaning lifeless form

jaane kyaa

Don’t know what

zindagee hans ke guzaratee to bahut achhaa thaa

If I could live my life in laughter then it would have been better

khair hans ke na sahee ro ke guzar jaayegee

Well if not in laughter then i will live it in tears

raakh barbaad muhaabbath ki bachaa rakhee hain

the ashes of destructed love, I have kept it safely

baar baar isko jo chhedaa to bikhar jaayegee

if you tease it repeatedly, then it will scatter

jaane kyaa

I wonder what

aarzoo jurm vafaa jurm tamannaa hai gunaaha

desire is sin/crime, love is sin and wishes are sins

ye vo duniyaa hai jahaan pyaar naheen ho sakthaa

This is that world where love can never happen

kaise baazaar kaa dastoor tumhein samjhaaun

How can I make you understand the rules of the market

bik gayaa jo vo khareedaar naheen ho saktaa

the one who is sold, he can never be a buyer

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