DardeDil DardeJigar Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Karz movie

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DardeDil DardeJigar Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Karz

Dard-E-Dil Dard-E-Jigar Dil Mein Jagaya Aapne

You awoke the pain in my heart

Pehle To Maein Shaayar Tha Aashiq Banaya Aapne

Before I was a poet, now you’ve made me into a lover

Aapki Madhosh Nazrein Kar Rahi Hain Shaayari

Your intoxicating glances are making poetry

Yeh Ghazal Meri Nahin Yeh Ghazal Hai Aapki

This poem isn’t mine; this poem is yours

Maine To Bas Woh Likha Jo Kuchh Likhaaya Aapne

I simply wrote that which you caused me to write.

Kab Kahan Sab Kho Gayi Jitni Bhi Thi Parchhaiyaan

For all the shadows here, when and where was everything lost?

Uth Gayi Yaaron Ki Mehfil Ho Gayi Tanhaiyaan

The company of friends rose to leave; loneliness moved in.

Kya Hua Shayad Koi Parda Giraaya Aapne

What happened? Perhaps you dropped some curtain

Aur Thodi Der Mein Bas Hum Judaa Ho Jayenge

And in a little while we’ll be separated

Aapko Dhoondunga Kaise Raaste Kho Jayenge

How will I search for you? I’ll lose the road.

Naam Tak Bhi To Nahin Apna Bataaya Aapne

You haven’t even told me your name

About the movie – Karz

Ravi is killed by his wife after his marriage. He is reborn as Monty and is now a singer he goes to holiday in Ooty where he recollects his memories from previous life and inquires about his family from first life and his evil wife Kamini.