Chaudhavin Ka Chaand Ho Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Chaudhvin Ka Chaand movie

Chaudhavin Ka Chaand Ho Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Chaudhvin Ka Chaand

Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho, Ya Aaftaab Ho

Whether it is the moon that comes every fourteen days (full moon) or the sun..

Jo Bhi Ho Tum Khuda Ki Kasam, Lajawab Ho

Whatever you are, upon God�s oath, you are without an answer.

Zulfein Hain Jaise Kaandhe Pe Baadal Jhuke Hue

Your hair is such that it looks like clouds have bent over your shoulders.

Aankhen Hain Jaise Maey Ke Pyaale Bhare Hue

Your eyes are such that it looks like the containers of liquor are full.

Masti Hai Jisme Pyaar Ki Tum, Woh Sharaab Ho

You are that drink (alcoholic) that is filled with a zest for love.

Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho …

Chehra Hai Jaise Jheel Mein Khilta Hua Kanwal

Your face is like the lotus that is blooming in the lake�.

Ya Zindagi Ke Saaz Pe Chhedi Hui Ghazal

Or like a ode that has been plucked on the instrument of life.

Jaane Bahaar Tum Kisi Shaayar Ka Khwaab Ho

My dear, you are the dream of a poet.

Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho …

Hothon Pe Khelti Hain Tabassum Ki Bijliyaan

The lightning of smiles are blooming on your lips.

Sajde Tumhari Raah Mein Karti Hain Kaikashaan

The Kaikashaan (???) are prostrating in your anticipation.

Duniya-E-Husno-Ishq Ka Tum Hi Shabaab Ho

You are the prime of life amongst the love and beauties of the world.

Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho …

About the movie – Chaudhvin Ka Chaand

The setting is the city of Lucknow in northern India, where Islamic culture flourished. Two of the three best friends who live in this city have fallen in love with the same woman named Jameela unknowingly. Aslam and Nawab are the two friends caught in this love triangle.