Bahut Umeeden Thi Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Pyaasi Aankhen movie

Buhat umeedian hein zindgi se --Pyaasi Ankhen

Bahut Umeeden Thi Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Pyaasi Aankhen

Movie : Pyasi Aankhen

Song : Bahut Umeeden Thi Zindagi

Bohat umeeden thi zindagi se

lot of expectationwas there from the life

bahoot umeedien thi zindagi se

bahut the apno ke ashaare bhi

and many persons are there to help me

magar sahare shab aishe toote

but all the supports broke in such a way that

ko gum hai jeene ke raste bhi…

now the rods for living this life is also lost

palat ke dekhe to kisko dekhe

turn and see but whom to see

udaas rahu mei kya rakha hai

on this sad roads nw wht there for me

bache hai yaadooen ke shaye shayad

there are some prints of memories is left i think

na toot jaye bhi yeh silshiley bhi

but may this links will also broke now

bahut umeedhien the zindagi se ….

wahi pei ake ther gaye hai

we are stoped from

jaha se raste shuro huye the

where we are started

wahi hai uljahn wahi hai asuu

the same problem and the tears are also same

wahi hai jeene ke masyale bhi

and all the problems of life are once again same

bahut umeedien the………..

guzar rahi hai kin halaato mei

how is passing in such situatins

yeh bikhari bhikari se zindagi

this scattered life

bhala kiske garaz padi hai ( who cares to come and see)

who wants some thing from me

joh koi aye yeh dekhe bhi

so for that he comes to visit me

bahut umeedien ………….

nahi hai koi umeed baki

but now there is no hpoe remaining

nahi hai jeene ki chaha bhi

and the desire to live is also gone

woh ek diya dil ke hasrato ka

oh that one lamp of the desires

zamana guzara bhuje huye ( burnt out a decade ago_)


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