Hip Hop Pummy Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Ramaiya Vastavaiya movie

Hip Hop Pammi Lyrical - Ramaiya Vastavaiya | Girish Kumar, Shruti Haasan | Mika Singh, Monali Thakur

Hip Hop Pummy Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Ramaiya Vastavaiya

Pa pa pa Pummy, tu meri history

Pa pa pa Pummy, you are my history

Tu philosophy tu loveology

You are my philosophy, you are my loveology

Pa pa pa Pummy, arey

Pa pa pa Pummy, hey

Sun yeh meri gal

Listen to me

Chal mere naal

Come with me

chal bann tu meri soni girl

Come be my sweet girl

Pa pa pa Pummy

Pa pa pa Pummy

O bajne de dhol

Let the drums beat

oho aa mere kol oho

Ah, come closer to me

O bajne de dhol. aa mere kol

let the drums beat, come closer to me

sunn dil ke bol ab tu

Now you listen to my heart

Kar le ve hip hop hip hop Pummy – 5

and do hip hop, hip hop, Pummay – 5

Arey aaye haaye aaye haaye

Hey, ah, oooh

tere nakhre oye Pummy ji – 2

your flirtations ah, Pummy ji – 2

Arey ja ja hat ja

Hey, go and move away

ghar ja tujhko maaregi mummy ji

Go home, or else my mom will beat you

Naino mein tol oho

weigh me in your eyes

baahon ko khol oho

open up your arms

Naino mein tol baahon ko khol

weigh me in your eyes, open up your arms

mujhe khud mein ghol ab tu

now you mix me up in yourself

Kar le ve hip hop hip hop Pummy – 5

Do hip hop, hip ho. Pummy – 5

Aaye haaye aaye haaye

Hey, ah, oooh

tera thoomka hai qaatil – 2

Your jerk is a killer – 2

Arey aisi taisi kar doongi

Hey, I will finish you

kahin phir na jaana mill

if you meet me again

Tu meri soul oho, tera na mol oho

You are my soul, you are priceless

Tu meri soul tera na mol

You are my soul, you are priceless

kar koi goal ab tu

Now you make a firm decision

Kar le ve hip hop hip hop Pummy – 3

Do hip hop Pummy – 3

About the movie – Ramaiya Vastavaiya

Ram falls in love with Sona, who lives on the fields of Punjab. He follows her to her farm, where her elder brother challenges him to produce more seed on their fields. If he wins, he will be allowed to marry her.