Tum Ruth Kar Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Phagun movie

Tum Rooth Ke Mat Jaana - Phagun 1958 - Madhubala Song

Tum Ruth Kar Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Phagun

Rafi: ooh, ooh, ooh

tum root ke mat jaanaa

Do not go away annoyed/in anger

mujhse kyaa shikvaa deevanaa hai deevanaa

Why the complaint against me, afterall a crazy person is crazy

Asha: kyon ho gayaa begaanaa

Why have you become a stranger

teraa meraa kyaa rishtaa ye tune nahin jaanaa

What our relationship is, this you don’t know

Rafi: ooh, ooh, ooh

main laakh huun begaanaa

I may be a stranger a million times

phir ye tadap kaisee ithnaa to bataa jaanaa

then why this suffering, just tell me this much

Asha: fursath ho to aah jaanaa

If you are free then do come here

apane hee haathon se meree duniyaa mitaa jaanaa

With your own hands erase/destroy my world

Rafi: tum root ke mat jaanaa

you do not go away in anger

Asha: kyon ho gayaa begaanaa

Why have you become a stranger

About the movie – Phagun

Shanta Dhamle lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay along with her dad, Shamrao, and mom, Ansuya. She incurs their displeasure when she falls in love and gets married to a poor and overly sensitive writer, Gopal, who moves in with them, and continues to suffer verbal abuse at Shamr…