Dhuan Dhuan Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Mission Kashmir movie

Dhuan Dhuan - Mission Kashmir | Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta & Sanjay Dutt | Shankar Ehsaan Loy

Dhuan Dhuan Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Mission Kashmir




dhuaan hi dhuaan…

Smoke, only smoke…



dhuaan hi dhuaan…

Smoke, only smoke…

ye saazishein dishaaon ki

In these storms of intrigue,

ye saazishein havaaon ki

in these winds of conspiracies,

lahuu-luhaan ho gayi zamin ye devtaaon ki

the hallowed earth of the gods has been bloodied.

na shankh ki sadaavein hain

We hear no more the sacred call of the conch,

na ab sadaa azaan ki

and no more the call to the faithful.

nazar meri zamin ko lagi hai aasmaan ki

Alas, my land is cursed. (Literally: the gaze of the heavens has fixed upon my land.)

hai dar badar ye log kyon jale hain kyon makaan

Why are these people fleeing? Why are these homes burning?



dhuaan hi dhuaan…

Smoke, only smoke…

ye kisne aag daal di hai narm narm ghaas par

Who spilt fire on these tender fields of grass?

likha hua hai zindagi yahaan har ek laash par

A desperate longing for life is written on each corpse. (Literally: life is written here, on each and every corpse.)

ye takht ki ladaai hai

This is a battle for power, (Literally: This is the throne’s payment.)

ye kursiyon ki jung hai

a war between politicians. (Literally: a war of seats / thrones.)

ye begunaah khoon bhi sivaasaton ka rang hai

The blood of innocents is the color used to

lakir khainch di gavi dilon ke darmivaan

draw borders between our hearts.


About the movie – Mission Kashmir

A police officer adopts the son and sole survivor of a family he has massacred while pursuing a terrorist. After some time the foster son finds out what the stepfather did.