Dont Say Alvida (Sad) Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Main Aur Mrs Khanna movie

Dont Say Alvida (Sad) -  Main aurr Mrs Khanna - (2009 full video HQ

Dont Say Alvida (Sad) Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Main Aur Mrs Khanna

Jaane Is Safar main

Don’t know in this journey

Aisa kya hua hai

Why such a thing happened

Meri hai kadam

Its my footsteps

Aur tera rasta hai

And your pathway

Dard judai ka

The pain of separation

Iss dil mein bhar ke

Filling in this heart

Dhondein ke tujhko

Will search for you

Rahon mein phir se

In the pathways again

Tere bin suna suna lage

Without you it is so quiet

Jag mujhe suna suna lage

The whole world seems so quiet and barren

Tujhko Dhondengi yeh aankhein

These eyes will continue to search you

Na Ja Zindagi mein aake

Don’t go after coming into my life

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About the movie – Main Aur Mrs Khanna

An unhappily married couple find love in strange situations.