Ruk Jaa O Jaanewali Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Kanhaiya movie

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Ruk Jaa O Jaanewali Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Kanhaiya

Ruk Ja, Ruk Ja O Jaanewaali Ruk Ja

Stop, do stop, Lady who is leaving, do stop

Maein To Raahi Teri Manzil Ka

I am a traveller to your destinantion (which is shared, common)

Nazron Mein Teri Mein Bura Sahi

I may be a bad man in your eyes

Aadmi Bura Nahin Maein Dil Ka

But I not bad at heart

Ruk Ja…

Do stop

Dekha Bhi Nahin Tujhko,

Never even saw you

Surat Bhi Nahin Pehchani

Didn’t even get to recognise your face

Tu Aake Chali Chham Se,

You came and left in a flash

Jyun Dhoop Ke Bina Paani

like running water without sunlight

Ruk Ja…

Do stop

Muddat Se Mere Dil Ke

From a long time in my heart

Sapnon Ki Rani Hai

Queen of my dreams

Ab Tak Na Mile Lekin

We never met before but

Pehchan Purani Hai

Ours is an old relationship

Ruk Ja…

Do stop

Aa Pyaar Ki Rahon Mein

Come, in pathways of love

Bahoon Ka Sahara Le

Let us walk arms in arms

Duniya Jise Gaati Hai

The one sung by the world

Us Geet Ko Dohra Le

Lets sing that song again

Ruk Ja…

Do stop

About the movie – Kanhaiya

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