Bardaasht (Remix) Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Humraaz movie

Bardaasht - Remix Full Song With Lyrics | Humraaz | Bobby Deol, Amisha Patel, Akshaye Khanna

Bardaasht (Remix) Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Humraaz

bardaasht nahin kar sakta ab duur nahin rah sakta ek din…

I can’t bear it now; I can’t stay apart from you for a day,

tere bin

without you

yeh ishq vishq to yaar baRa hai kamaal yeh paida karta hai laakho sawaal…

This business of love is very strange, my friend; it births a thousand questions.

kahin khwaab yeh dikhaata hai kahin dard yeh jagaata hai

Sometimes it shows you dreams, and sometimes it stirs pain.

yeh mushkilein baRHaata hai jannat bhi yeh dikhaata hai

It increases your difficulties, but it also shows you paradise.

jannat se duur jaaye kahaan

Where to go so far from heaven?

jaaye kahaan…

Where to go?

jo na ho aarzu to aashiqi hai kya jo sanam na mile to zindagi hai kya…

Without longing, what’s love? Without meeting your beloved, what’s life?

yeh aashiqi lubhaati lekin baRa sataati hai

Love seduces you, but it also torments you terribly.

nazdikiyaan laati hai kabhi duuriyaan barhaati hai

Sometimes it brings intimacy; other times, estrangement.

mit jaane do ye duuriyaan

Erase these distances!

ye duuriyaan…

These distances…

About the movie – Humraaz

When a businessman learns that his wife married him only for money, he hatches a plan with her ex-lover to kill her.