Mehboob Mere Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Fiza movie

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Mehboob Mere Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Fiza


mahabuub mere mahabuub mere

My love, my love,

teri aankhon se mujhe pine de

let me drink from your eyes.

kuchh dard hai mere sine mein

There’s some pain in my breast;

mujhe mast maahaul mein jine de…

let me live in a world of pleasure.


mujhe mast…

For me, pleasure…

aankhon mein kaajal pairon mein paayal

Kohl on the eyes, anklets on the legs;

in adaaon se main karuun sab ko ghaayal

with such graces will I smite everyone.

mahabuub ki mahbuubaa tarse

The loved one’s beloved will long;

sach kah de pyaar yeh kab barse

tell the truth, when will love shower down?

main teri dulhan banne ko nikli huun

To become your bride, I’ve emerged

sajdhaj ke ghar se

from my resplendent home.


mujhe mast…mast…

For me, pleasure…pleasure.

yeh nazar hamaari hai baRi qaraari

My regard is fixed;

samjho voh jitaa jispe dil haare

understand that to he who loses the heart,goes the victory.

haan ishq muhabbat kar le tu

Yes, fall in love!

ye pal na thahareinge kal ko

These moments won’t wait for tomorrow.

aa narmi le meri aankhon se

Come, take the softness from my eyes.

kuchhh pataa nahin kya ho kal ko

Nothing is known about what might happentomorrow.


About the movie – Fiza

In 1993 Fiza’s brother Aman disappears during the riots in Mumbai. In 1999 Fiza is tired of waiting and goes looking for him.