Yeh Duniya Ek Numbri Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Dus Numbri movie

Yeh Duniya Ek Numbri (I) | Mukesh | Dus Numbri 1976 Songs | Manoj Kumar, Hema Malini, Premnath

Yeh Duniya Ek Numbri Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Dus Numbri

kya hai mera naam na poochho gir jaayenge jaam na poochho

Don’t ask me what my name is, don’t ask, the liquor will spill over

kaun hoon main ye jaan ke sabako lag jaayegi tharathari

Who I am, when everyone comes to know will give everyone shivers

ye duniya ek nambari to main das nambari

If this world is no. 1, then I am no. 10

is mehfil mein kis par kya rang chadha sab jaanu

In this gathering, who is what, I know all

kaun chhupa kis bhesh mein, pyaare main sabako pahachaanu

Who is hidden behind what disguise, I recognise all

kya hai mera naam …

What is my name…..

lutake jisaka ghar baithe ho mahal sajaaye apana

The one whose house you have looted and made yours into a mansion

usaka lahu pukaar raha hai, yaar bachoge kitna

He is out for a revenge, how long will you be save

julm hain jitane raat aur din ke

The number of crimes committed during night and day

lunga badale sab gin-gin ke

I will take revenge for each and every one

unke kya, arey bade bado ki kar di tabiyat hari

Who is he! Hey, I have totured the very big ones too

ye duniya ek nambari …

If this world is no. 1….

part 2:

kahat kabir suno bhai sadho baat kahu main khari

Says kabeer, listen all saints, that I speak the bitter truth

ye duniya ek nambari to main das nambari

If this world is no. 1, then I am no. 10

ek number ka haath dikhaaya jab kah ke jay kaali

When I showed the hand of aces, saying, jai Kali maa!

kitne hi setho ki bhaari jebe ho gayee khaali

So many rich ones had their pockets empty[of money]

do number hai aur nirala dekhu aur khul jaaye taala

Number 2 is more unique, I look and the lock opens

udake jeb mein aa jaaye hare not ki pari

In my pocket comes flying a bundle of green notes

ye duniya ek nambari……..

If this world is no. 1………

number teen ka chamtkaar dekho jab phenku patta

Watch the magic of number 3 as I throw the card

sabaki tabiyat karu saaf dilli ho ya kalakatta

I will clean out everyone, whether it be Delhi or Calcutta

chauthe ne raah gajab ka jhaansa aap kiya dooje ko phaansa

The forth card was amazing, it engulfed another in its game

kabhi kabhi to pulis ko ulte dikhalaau hathakadi

Sometimes I show the police the handcuffs

ye duniya ek nambari……..

If this world is no. 1………

paanchava number julm ka dushman main dukhiyo ka saathi

Number 5 is enemy of crimes, I am the companion of those in sorrow

chhatha desh ke gaddaaron se chheen lu ghar ki baati

And number 6, I snatch away the glamour from the homes of the traitors

number saath kare jo danga, ek haath mein kar du changa

Number 7 creates such havoc, with one slap I reform everything

langadi tangadi chhuri kataari sab rah jaayen dhari

All the weapons remain idle [of no use]

ye duniya ek nambari……..

If this world is no. 1………

kala aathavi yeh hai ki main pyaar se milta sabse

The eighth art is that I meet everyone with love

pyaar ki kaatir insaan kya hai lad jau main rab se

For love what is humans, I can fight with the Lord himself

nauva jo mile mujhe haseena, nau din tak na ruke paseena

When the ninth one gets a damsel, he sweats for 9 days

aur number das das

And number 10 10

likha hai ye to har thaane mein sifat hai kya kya deevaane mein

This is written in every police station, what all dwiddles in the crazy minds

jitani ungaliya in haatho mein, utani jaadugari

The number of fingers in these hands, the same is the number of magic

ye duniya ek nambari……….

If this world is no. 1………

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About the movie – Dus Numbri

Inspector Shiv Nath is a honest and diligent police officer in Bombay, and lives with his wife, Radha, and a young son, Arjun. While making several arrests in connection with counterfeit money and drugs, he comes to know that his close friend, Karamchand is also involved in this …