Crazy Kiya Re Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Dhoom 2 movie

Crazy Kiya Re | Full Song | Dhoom:2 | Aishwarya Rai, Hrithik Roshan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Pritam, Sameer

Crazy Kiya Re Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Dhoom 2

crazy kiya re

He made me crazy

chori chori kiyaa re, dil ye dil liyaa re – 2

He did it secretly, the heart took this heart

jaadu se jaadu kiyaa��kiyaa re

He did magic with magic…he did it

jaagi soyi rahoon, khoyi khoyi rahoon,

I’ll remain awake and asleep, I’ll remain lost

uski yaadon mein, uske khwaabon mein

In his memories, in dreams of him

jhoome jiyaa re���crazy kiyaa re

I swayed. he made me crazy

naa usko pataa, naa uski khataa

He doesn’t even know, it’s not his fault

main uspe mar gayi, zaraa usko bataa,

I’m head over heels, please tell him

dheere dheere ikraar mein,

slowly slowly in protesting

kabhi kabhi intezaar mein,

ometimes waiting for him

uske hi pyaar mein���jhoome jiyaa re�crazy kiyaa re

in his love, I sway…he made me crazy.

main yahaan bhi gayi, main wahaan bhi gayi,

I came here, too, He went there, too,

sochaa pal pal use, main jahaan bhi gayi

I thought of him every moment, and I went there, too.

din ho yaa raat ho

It may be day or night

woh mere saath ho

he is with me

jab uski baat ho�jhoome jiyaa re��crazy kiyaa re

when his thought is … my life sways … I go crazy

About the movie – Dhoom 2

Mr A, a fearless thief, steals valuable artefacts and teams up with the girl he is attracted to but who cannot be trusted. Close on their heels are three police officers trying to apprehend them.