Cry Lyrics – Cigarettes After Sex

Cry - Cigarettes After Sex

Album Info


Recorded June 2017 in Mallorca, Spain
‘Don’t Let Me Go’ & ‘Touch’ recorded in Bochum, Germany
Written by Greg Gonzalez
Greg Gonzalez – Vocals, Guitar
Randall Miller – Bass
Jacob Tomsky – Drums
Phillip Tubbs – Keyboard
Produced and recorded by Greg Gonzalez
Mixed by Craig Silvey
Additional Engineering by Max Prior
Mastered by Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound
Cover photo: “Mare 345 – Seascape” by Alessandro Puccinelli
Graphic Design by Randall Miller

Cry Song Lyrics

It’s making you cry every time you give your love to me this way 

Saying you’d wait for me to stay, I know it hurts you, 

But I need to tell you something 

My heart just can’t be faithful for long 

I swear I’ll only make you cry 

Maybe I’d change for you someday, but I can’t help the way I feel 

Wish I was good, wish that I could give you my love now…

About the band

The music of Cigarettes After Sex invokes not only the powerful feelings of euphoria inherent in the band’s name itself, but somehow manages to recreate emotions found only in the most romantic of movies; immersive, achingly nostalgic, thoroughly transporting, and intensely visual. It’s these powerful and unique qualities which have enabled the love songs of Cigarettes After Sex to reverberate across countless countries, and excite the most devoted kind of following.


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