Sansaar Ke Sab Sukh Tere Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Chand Grahan movie

Lata Mangeshkar - Chand Grahan (1969) - 'sansaar ke sab sukh'

Sansaar Ke Sab Sukh Tere Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Chand Grahan

sansaar ke sab sukh tere

All the happiness in the workd is yours

aa pyaar ki baahon mein

Come in the arms of your love

palakon se main chun chun luungi

I will pick with my eyelids

kaante hain jo raahon mein

every thorn that is in the way

jab gam tujhe gherenge

When the sorrows surround you

jab dard sataayega

When pain torments you

tab tab teri duniya mein

Then in your world/life

aauungi dava banake

I will come as your medicine

koyi tere kvaabon ko jis vaqt jalaayega

When someone destroys your dreams

maasuum vafa meri barasegi ghata banake

My innocent love will shower on you like dark clouds

le luungi tere dil ko main

I will take your heart

is dil ki panaahon mein

In the shelter of my heart

apana tumhein samajha hai

I consider you as mine

sine se laga lena

Hold me to you

takalifon se ghabaraake daaman na chhuda lena

Do not go away from me when you face difficulties

samajhega hunar tera naadaan zamaana kya

The naive world will not understand your skill/art

har mod pe jivan ke ek shama jala di hai

A light has been lit in every turn of life

ab dard ka shikava kyuun

Now why the complaint about pain

ab ashk bahaana kya

Why cry now

hansane ki ada tuune zakmon ko sikha di hai

You have taught the way to smile when in pain

ummid jaga di hai

Have given rise to desires/wishes

maayuus nigaahon mein

In sad/worried eyes

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