Ek Se Badhakar Ek

Ek Se Badhakar Ek Mai Layee Hu Tohfe Anek Song Lyrics – Runa Laila

Ek Se Badhakar Ek Mai Layee Hu Tohfe Anek from movie Ek Se Badhakar Ek – Story of two young brothers estranged during a situational criminal act leading to their long separation. Shankar grows up to be a local thief who spent his childhood in search of his elder brother while having befriended a ranked police officer, Rajesh and his mother, whom he adores. Rajesh’s fiancé, Rekha loses her mother in an accident which coincidentally leads to the mysterious return of her estranged father. Their lives intertwine when an archeological discovery of a 5000 year old diamond brings them all together in several attempts leading to the deceitful theft of the diamond and eventually leading to the union of a family.