Ek Sapera Ek Lutera

Ham Tum Se Juda Ho Ke Song Lyrics – Mohammad Rafi

Ham Tum Se Juda Ho Ke from movie Ek Sapera Ek Lutera – Sundergarh’s greedy prince kills his father so that he can accede the throne, and the former curses him son that he too will die at the hands of his son. The Prince then is crowned, gets married, his wife gets pregnant, and he plans to kill his child, in order to foil his dad’s curse. His wife gives birth to twins, one of which is left with her, and the other disposed off in a forest to be eaten by wild beasts. The child in the palace grows up to be Vijay Pratap Singh, and the abandoned one is rescued by a band of snake-charmers, and grows up to be called Mohan. While Vijay ends up spoiled and oppressive, Mohan is honest and loves village belle, Radha. Both want to marry, but Radha’s parents arrange her marriage elsewhere, and the duo decide to elope. Villagers see her eloping with Mohan, but he denies this, and is banished from the community. He goes toward Sundergarh, where he finds out that the Prince is his look-alike, and it was Vijay who had abducted Radha. Donning a variety of disguises, he manages to free her from Vijay’s clutches, but is caught, beaten, tortured and buried underground. He manages to escape, and contacts Radha but is in for a shock when she refuses to have to do anything with him and is contend to be Vijay’s wife.