Bhuulane Vaale Yaad Naa Aa Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Anokhi Ada movie

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Bhuulane Vaale Yaad Naa Aa Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Anokhi Ada

bhuulane vaale yaad na aa – 4

let me not remember the one who has forgotten me

dekh hamein majabuur na kar

look, don’t force me

tujhako kasam dukh dur na kar

i request, please don’t take away my pain

ham to jiye bas tere liye

i existed only for you

tune kuchh aise ranj diye

and you gave me such sorrow

thes lagi dil tuut gayaa – 2

and so much hurt that my heart broke

bhuulane vaale yaad na aa – 2

haay vafaa nakaam huii

ohh, my love and faithfulness to you was of no use

subah ke badale shaam huii

instead of dawn, i had to face the dusk

phuul khushi ke khil na sake

the blossoms of happiness didnot bloom

aankh milii dil mil na sake

our eyes met, but our hearts remain seperated

dekh liyaa anjaam-e-vafaa –

i see what is the result of my devotion

bhulane vaale yaad na aa – 2

dil se mitaa ulfat ka nishaan

my heart has lost the capacity to love

tujhase hamaaraa pyaar kahaan

where is my love for you now?

pyaar ka naataa tod yahiin

break the relationship of love right now

giit adhuuraa chhod yahiin

leave the song incomplete song right now

main bhi na gaauun tu bhi n gaa – 2

i won’t be able to sing this song, neither will you

bhulane vaale yaad n aa – 4

About the movie – Anokhi Ada

A ruthless gangster worms his way into the affections of a timber merchant. Using lies, deceit and murder he plots to usurp the place of the merchant’s son, steal his inheritance and his girl.