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Yeh Mera Jiwan Tere Liye Hai Song Lyrics – Kishore Kumar

    Yeh Mera Jiwan Tere Liye Hai (By: Kishore Kumar)

    From the movie – Babu

    Yeh Mera Jiwan Tere Liye Hai Song Lyrics in English

    Yeh mera jiwan tere liye hai
    Jiwan kaa sapna tere liye hai
    Mang le hasake kya chahiye tujhe
    Meri toh dooniya tere liye hai

    Dali pe baithi chhoti si chidiya
    Kandhe pe mere nanhi si gudiya
    Chidiya se bhi sundar meri gudiya
    Yeh mera jiwan………

    Dekha tha sapna jo jindgi kaa
    Yeh bhi toh waisa hee din hai khushi kaa
    Jine kaa dhang tujhse maine sikha
    Yeh mera jiwan………

    Mano badal jayey dono kee manjil
    Phir bhi rahega sath mera dil
    Chahenge toh milana nahee mushkil
    Yeh mera jiwan………

    Yeh Mera Jiwan Tere Liye Hai Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

    ये मेरा जिवान तेरे लिई है
    जिवान का सपना तेरे लिई है
    मेरी तोह डोनिया तेरे लिई है
    दली पीई बैथी छत्ती सी चिदिया
    कंदे पे मात्र नानी सी गुडिया
    चिदिया से भी सुन्दर मेरी गुडिया
    ये मेरा जिवान ………
    देखा था सपना जो जिंदगी का
    ये भी तोह वेसा हे दीन है खुशहि काए
    जेन का दांग तुजसे मेन सिखा
    ये मेरा जिवान ………
    मनो बादल जयी डोनो की मंजिल
    फ़िर भाई रहेगा साथ मेरा दिल
    Chahenge Toh Milana Nhehee Mushkil
    ये मेरा जिवान ………

    About the movie – Babu

    Yeh Mera Jiwan Tere Liye Hai  (By: Kishore Kumar)

    Babu is a naive young man who likes to go out of his way to help people. He has fallen in love with Kammo, but in the process of helping another, he lands himself in jail for two years. After his discharge, he finds that a lady who had once helped him, is now a destitute widow with a small child, Pinky. He decides to help them, puts his personal life on hold, drives a hand-drawn rickshaw, saves some money, so that he can buy provisions for them, as well as send Pinky to a decent school. She attends school, but ends up a snob, who is clearly embarrassed by her poor mom, and cannot stand Babu, making them both wonder if it was worthwhile investing so much time and energy over an ungrateful child.