Sajee Nahee Barat Toh Kya Song Lyrics – Kishore Kumar

Saji Nahin Baraat To Kya Ayi Na Milan Ki { The Great Kishore Kumar } *Bin Phere Hum Tere *

Sajee Nahee Barat Toh Kya (By: Kishore Kumar)

From the movie – Bin Phere Hum Tere

Sajee Nahee Barat Toh Kya Song Lyrics in English

Sajee nahee barat toh kya, aayee naa milan kee rat toh kya
Byah kiya teree yado se, gat bandhan tere wado se
Bin phere ham tere – (2)

Tune apna man liya hai, ham the kaha iss kabil
Woh ehsan kiya jan dekar, jis chukana mushkil
Deha bani naa dulhan toh kya, pehne nahee kangan toh kya
Bin phere…………

Tan ke rishte tut bhee jaye, tute naa man ke bandhan
Jisne diya humko apnapan, usi kaa hai yeh jivan
Bandhh liya mann kaa bandhan, jivan hai tujh par arpan
Bin phere…………

Aanch naa aaye nam pe tere, aankh bhale hee jivan ho
Apne jahan me aag lagale, teraa jahan jo roshan ho
Tere liye dil tod le ham, ghar kya jag bhee chhod de ham
Bin phere…………

Jiska hame adhikar nahee tha, uska bhee balidan diya
Acchche bure ko ham kya janey, jo bhee kiya tere liye kiya
Lakh rahe ham sharminda, rahe magar mamta jinda
Bin phere…………

Sajee Nahee Barat Toh Kya Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

साजी नही बरत तोह काया, अययी ना मिलान की चूहे तोह काय
बिन फेरे हैम तेरे – (2)
ट्यून अपना मैन लिआ है, हैम द कह इस्सेबिल
वह एहसान किन देकर, जिन चुकोणा मुशकील
देहा बानी ना दुल्हन तोह काया, पेहेन नही कंगन तोह काया
बिन फेरे …………
तन के ऋषि तुत भी जय, ट्यून ना मैन के बंधन
बंधह लिआ मान का बांदा, जिवन है तुज पार अर्पन
बिन फेरे …………
आंच ना आयर नाम पे तेरे, ऐंह भेल हे जिवन हो
Apne Jahan Me Aag Lagale, तेरा जान जो रोशन हो
Tere Liye Dil Tod Le Ham, Ghar Kya Jag Behe Chhod de Ham
बिन फेरे …………
Jiska Hame Adhikar Nhehee, uska Bhee Balidan Diya
Acchche Bure Ko Ham Kya Janey, Jo Behe Kiya Tere Liye Kiya
लाख राह हैम शर्मिंडा, राहे मगर ममता जिंदा
बिन फेरे …………

About the movie – Bin Phere Hum Tere

Jamuna lives a poor lifestyle in Gangapur with her widowed step-mother. She is of marriageable age, but instead of getting her married, she is sold to her maternal uncle, Mukand Bihari, who, in turn, sells her to a brothel madame, Telanbai, where Jamuna is confined and forced to dance and sing against her will. She does manage to escape one day, and comes to the rescue of two runaway twins, Raju and Debu, and takes them to Bandra, Bombay, to their cancer-ridden father, Jagdish Sharma. Jagdish and Jamuna are attracted to each other, and both believe to be each other’s spouses, even though no formal marriage is performed. Jamuna continues to look after the twins even after Jagdish passes away, and endures many difficulties raising them. Years later, the twins have grown up, while Raju is employed in a factory, Debu is a doctor. Raju has fallen in love with his boss’ daughter, Shikha, while Debu is in love with Kiran. Jamuna meets both girls and approves of them. Then her past comes to pay her a nasty visit when she comes face to face with one of her patrons, Jagmohan, none other than Shikha’s dad, on one hand, and Telanbai – who is Kiran’s mother. Struggling to hold her own against these odds, Jamuna must now also come to terms with other life-changing decisions – including death and subsequent deception – decisions that she may end regretting for the rest of her life.