Rappa Rappa Ram Pam Pam Song Lyrics – Aditya Narayan

Rappa Rappa Rum Pum

Rappa Rappa Ram Pam Pam (By: Aditya Narayan, Deepa Narayan)

From the movie – Do Hazaar Ek

Rappa Rappa Ram Pam Pam Song Lyrics in English

Rappa rappa ram pam pam
Mummy papa hamko pyare, aur mummy papa ko ham
Rappa rappa ram………

Jab koyee bole mummy sey bachche hain pyare
Mummy uthake subah hamaree najar utare
Aur yeh kahatee hain hamko ghar sey bahar jao kam
Mummy papa hamko

Papa hamko kahate hain suraj aur chanda
Mummy hamko kahatee hain aankho ke tare
Har pal unakee aankho me jhilmil karate rahate ham
Mummy papa hamko

Papa mali hain aur mummy phulo kee dalee
Aur yeh phulavaree dono ne najon sey palee
Dekho apnee bagiya me khushiya nache chham
Mummy papa hamko

Rappa Rappa Ram Pam Pam Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

रप्पा रप्पा राम पाम पाम
मम्मी पापा हम्को प्यारे, और मम्मी पापा को हैम
रप्पा रप्पा राम ………
जब Koyee बोले मम्मी Sey Bachche Hain Pyare
मम्मी उथके सुबाह हमरी नजर यूटेयर
Ah ahaatee है हम्को घर Sey Bahar Jao Kam
मम्मी पापा हमको
पापा हमको काहित हैन सूरज और चंदा
मम्मी हम्को कहुएटे हन आंको के तारे
हर पाल unakee anankho me jhilmil कराटे Rahate Ham
मम्मी पापा हमको
पापा माली हैन और मम्मी फुलो की डेले
और ये फुलभरी डोनो ने नजोन की पली
Dekho Apnee Bagiya Me Khushiya Nache Chham
मम्मी पापा हमको

About the movie – Do Hazaar Ek

Following the brutal slaying of a call-girl named Julie in Bombay city, two police inspectors, namely Anil Sharma and Rajat Bedi, are assigned to investigate and bring the culprit(s) to book. Anil & Rajat note that the killer leaves “2001” marked on the body of the victim. Anil comes to know that the man staying in Julie’s room is a prominent Member of State Parliament, Ramaswamy, and would like to list him as a suspect. Julie’s death is followed by more killings in the same style, and killed are Advocates Sarkari and Kajal, and a man named Krishna Rao. Then Ramaswamy himself is attacked, but survives and is hospitalized. When he regains consciousness for a brief period of time, he points an accusing finger at Rajat and then relapses. Not wanting to take any chance, Police Commissioner Malik has Rajat under house arrest. Then Anil comes across some evidence that links the killing to none other than Malik himself, while Rajat starts to gather together evidence against Anil. The question remains: Is the killer one of these police officers? If so, which one, or are all three collectively involved in these gruesome deaths?

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0273045/