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Haule Haule (Album)

Aaj Haule Haule Dil Mera Bole - Ila Arun

Kash Haule Haule Too Meraa Ho Le (By: Ila Arun)

From the movie – Haule Haule (Album)

Kash Haule Haule Too Meraa Ho Le Song Lyrics in English

Kash haule haule too meraa ho le

Kangan bole khan khan bole, payal bole chham chham bole
Dil bole dhadkan bole mann me hotee halachal bole
Haule haule aa kash haule haule too

Mehandee bole bindi bole kajara bole gajara bole
Har pal bole kuchh kuchh bole, abb toh meraa manwa dole
Haule haule aa kash kash kash haule haule too

Koyal bole maina bole din bole raina bole
Man kaa khoya chaina bole, chanchal dono naina bole
Haule haule kash kash

Kash Haule Haule Too Meraa Ho Le Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

काश हौल हौले भी मारा हो ले
कंगन बोले खान खान बोले, पायल बोले चम चम बोले
Dil Bole Daadkan Bole Man Me Hotee HALACHAL BOLE
हूल हौले एए काश हुल हौले भी
मेहंडी बोले बिंदी बोले कजारा बोले गजारा बोले
हर पाल बोले कुच कुच बोले, अब्ब तोह मेरा मनवा डोल
हौल्ड हाउला एए काश कश का मकूली हौले भी
कोयल बोले मेन बोले दीन बोले रैना बोले
मैन का खोया चेनए बोले, चंचल डोनो नैना बोले
हूल हौला काशन काश

About the movie – Haule Haule (Album)

Have you ever stopped to think if the most ordinary, uninteresting, unobtrusive man you might see on the road or around you might have a love story to tell? Maybe not. How can an ordinary man have a breathtaking, goose flesh igniting, awe inspiring love story of all things to tell? This is what happened to Surinder Sahni (Shahrukh Khan) – a simple, clean hearted, honest man, leading a humdrum life, when he meets his total opposite and finds love in the flamboyant, fun-loving, vivacious – Taani (Anushka Sharma) for whom the whole world is her canvas and she paints her own life with the colours of rainbow all until unforeseen circumstances changes it all and brings them together. What follows is a journey filled with laughter, tears, joy, pain, music, dance and a lot of love. A journey that makes us believe that there is an extraordinary love story in every ordinary jodi (couple).

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1182937/