Main Na Bura Maanu Song Lyrics – Asha Bhosle

Ehsaan (1970)

Main Na Bura Maanu (By: Asha Bhosle)

From the movie – Ehsaan (1970)

Main Na Bura Maanu Song Lyrics in English

(Chhu rahi hai tera tan hawaaye
Ho tujhe mujhe kahin uda le nahi jaaye haay) – (2)
Dil kehat hai khud ko bhulu, teri baahon mein jhulu – (2)
Aa ha ha ha (main na bura maanu chaaho toh keh lo ise pyaar -2)
Sada ho yahin baat, (kahin din kahin raat -2)
O ho o ho (main na bura maanu chaaho toh keh lo ise pyaar -2)

Main Na Bura Maanu Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

(छु रही है तेरा तन हायक
हो Tujhe Mujhe Kahin Uda Le Nahi Jaaye Haay) – (2)
दिल केहाट है खुद को भुलु, तेरी बाहोन मीन झुलु – (2)
एए हा हा हा (मुख्य ना बुरा मानु चाहो तोह केह लो आईएस पफर -2)
सादा हो याहिन बाट, (कहिन दीन कहिन रत -2)
ओ हो ओ हो (मुख्य ना बुरा मानु चाहो तोह keh lo ise pyaar -2)

About the movie – Ehsaan (1970)

Shalini lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed dad, Mohan, and a younger brother, Bobby. Her dad has been entrusted by the Government of India to safeguard a list of the location of India’s secret agents worldwide. Many gangsters are recruited to try and secure this list for large sums of money, but none succeed. Then one day while Shalini is returning home, she is accosted by hoodlums and abducted. A young man, Raja, comes to her rescue, and escorts her home. She introduces him to her father, and soon both fall in love with each other. Raja becomes a frequent visitor to the Lal residence and is welcomed by everyone including young Bobby. Mohan approves of Raja, and after consulting his friend, Dinanath, arranges for Shalini to get married to Raja. What Shalini, Mohan and Bobby do not know is that Raja is a burglar, a safe-cracker, who has been recruited by an underworld Don to gain the confidence of the Lal family, and steal the list of secret agents’ from Mohan’s house – by hook or by crook.