Sambhal Ke Karna Jo Bhee Karna Song Lyrics – Mukesh

Sambhal Ke Karna Jo Bhi Karna | Mukesh @ Ek Phool Char Kaante | Sunil Dutt, Waheeda

Sambhal Ke Karna Jo Bhee Karna (By: Mukesh)

From the movie – Ek Phool Char Kaante

Sambhal Ke Karna Jo Bhee Karna Song Lyrics in English

Sambhal ke karna jo bhee karna najuk hathowale
Lachak na jaye naram kalayee pad na jaye chhale
Sambhal ke karna…..

Hata ke parade nikal pade ho, mukabala kya tum hee bade ho
Magar ai janan idhar toh dekho ham bhee hain dilwale – (2)
Sambhal ke karna…..

Salonee chitavan adaye katil, woh lut gaya jo huwa mukabil
Yeh tirachhee tirachhee najar tumharee hamko mar na dale – (2)
Lachak na jaye……

Tane hain tevar chadha hai para, tumhara gussa bhee jan se pyara
Rup ka jadu jab chadh jaye dil ko kaun sambhale – (2)
Sambhal ke karna…..

Sambhal Ke Karna Jo Bhee Karna Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

संभाल के कर्ण जो भी कर्ण नजुक हथवाले
लचक ना जय नराम कलकी पैड ना जय छाले
संभल के कर्ण …..
हता के परेड निकाल पेड हो, मुकबाला के तुम हे बेड हो
Magar Ai Janan Idhar Toh Dekho Ham Behe Hain Dilwale – (2)
संभल के कर्ण …..
सैलोनी चितवन एडे काटना, वो लुत गया जो हुवा मुक्ति
ये तिरचेहिंघी नजर तुमदार हमको मार ना डेल – (2)
लचक ना जय ……
टेन हैरे तेवर चढा है पैरा, तुम्सारा गुसा भी जन से प्यारा
रुपा का जादु जब चाध जय दिल को कौन संभाले – (2)
संभल के कर्ण …..

About the movie – Ek Phool Char Kaante

Bombay-based Sanjeev lives a wealthy lifestyle with his parents. He dramatically meets with wealthy Sushma Saxena and falls in love with her. He is quite displeased when he sees her a number of time – always in the company of a different male. The air is cleared when he finds that the men are her paternal uncles. He introduces her to his parents, and his father goes to meet the uncles in order to finalize the marriage – but they reject this alliance insisting that Sanjeev does not measure up to their standards in either religion, yoga, acting, and music. In order to wed her Sanjeev must now satisfy each and every uncle – not realizing that he does face competition from ‘yoga expert’ Shyam Dhawan, who has already convinced one uncle – and has yet to realize that even if does overcome all competition and does manage to convince each and every one of the uncles – how is he going to get approval from the other three disapproving uncle? and what will be their reaction when they find out he has been pulling wool over their eyes?