Mai Pyar Ka Rahee Hu Song Lyrics – Asha Bhosle

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Mai Pyar Ka Rahee Hu (By: Asha Bhosle, Mohammad Rafi)

From the movie – Ek Musafir Ek Hasina

Mai Pyar Ka Rahee Hu Song Lyrics in English

Mai pyar ka rahee hu
Teree julf ke saye me, kuchh der thhahar jau
Tum ek musafir ho, kab chhod ke chal doge
Yeh soch ke ghabarau, mai pyar ka rahee hu…

Tere bin jee lage na akele, ho sake toh mujhe sath le le
Najanin too nahee ja sakegee, chhodkar jindagee ke jhumele
Jab bhee chhaye ghata, yad karna jara
Sat rango kee hu mai kahanee, mai pyar ka rahee hu…

Pyar kee bijaliya muskuraye, dekhiye aap par gir na jaye
Dil kahe dekhata hee rahu mai, samane baithhakar yeh adaye
Na mai hu najanee, na mai hu mahjabin
Aap hee kee najar hain diwanee ho o, mai pyar ka rahee hu

Mai Pyar Ka Rahee Hu Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

माई प्यार का रही हू
Teree Julf Ke Saye Mee, Kuchh der Thhahar Jau
तुम एक Musafir हो, Kab Chhod Ke Chal Doge
ये सोच के घबरौ, माई प्यार का रही हू …
तेरे बिन जेई लेज ना अकले, हो साके तोह मुजते साथ ले ले
नजानिन भी नही जा सॉकी, छोडकर जिंदगी के झुमले
जब भी छयी घाता, याद कर्ण जारा
Sat Carno Kee Hu Mai Kahanee, माई प्यार का रही हू …
प्यार की बिजलिया मस्कुरय, देखीय आप पर Gir Na Jaye
दिल काहे देखाता हे राहु माई, समन बैथकर ये एडेय
ना माई हू नजनी, ना माई हू महजबिन
आप hee ke najar hain diwanee ho o, माई प्यार का रही हू

About the movie – Ek Musafir Ek Hasina

On 14 November 1947 Lieutenant Ajay Mehra, in the company of two assistants, Ultaram and Sultaram, travels to Kashmir to quash Kabaayalis rebels. While rescuing a woman in Baramullah, he sustains a head injury and loses his memory. The woman he rescued, Asha, was just married to Ranjeet but ended up being abandoned by him during the attack, looks after him, accompanies him to Srinagar to get him medically treated, and Ajay falls in love with her. After she gets him admitted, she leaves a message that since she is married, she must return back home. Once there, she finds out that her marriage was not finalized while her in-laws refuse to accept this and decide to abduct her. Ajay manages to rescue her but ends up getting arrested by the police, he does escape from custody and returns home to Bombay. Once there, he hopes to regain his memory but while chasing bank robbers, meets with an accident and is hospitalized. He regains part of his memory, his identity, and his mission in Kashmir. The media takes an active interest, Asha finds out, travels to Bombay where she hopes to re-unite with Ajay and inform him that she is still single – but nothing will prepare for the shock when she finds him in the company of his wife, Kamini, and with no recollection of her at all.