Dur Kahee Too Chal Dil Raha Hai Machal Song Lyrics – Mohammad Rafi

Door Kahin Tu Chal - Mohd Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar - Bedard Zamaana Kya Jaane  - Ashok Kumar, Nirupa

Dur Kahee Too Chal Dil Raha Hai Machal (By: Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar)

From the movie – Bedard Jamana Kya Jane

Dur Kahee Too Chal Dil Raha Hai Machal Song Lyrics in English

Dur kahee too chal dil raha hai machal
Pyar kee raho me prit kee chhanvo me, dekh huyee halachal
Dur kahee too chal………

Yeh gulabi aasman sham kaa udata dhuwan, le chalo mujhako waha
Rang bikhara hai jaha bhiga bhiga hai saman, le chalo mujhako waha
Yeh najare yeh ishare udd raha aanchal
Dur kahee too chal………

Hai yeh mausam pyar kaa pyar ke ikrar kaa – (2)
Sapno ke singar kaa do dilo ke tar kaa
Tar kee jhankar kaa git hai yeh bahar kaa
Too rasili rut nashili aur hawa chanchal
Dur kahee too chal………

Dur Kahee Too Chal Dil Raha Hai Machal Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

Dur Kahee बहुत चाल दिल राह है machal
प्यार की राहो मी Prit Kee Chhanvo Me, Dake Huyee HALACHAL
डूर काह भी चाक ………
ये गुलाबी आसमान शाम का उदाता धुवन, ले चालो मुजको वाह
रंग बाखरा है जहां भिगा भिगा है सामन, ले चालो मुजोको वाह
ये नजारे ये ईहेश उडद राहा आंचल
डूर काह भी चाक ………
है ये मकम प्यारा काया के इकरार का – (2)
सपनो के सिंगार का दो दिलो के तार काए
टार के झनकर का गित है ये बहार का
बहुत रसीली रट नशीली और हवा चंचल
डूर काह भी चाक ………

About the movie – Bedard Jamana Kya Jane

Widower Barrister Ashok lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay, India along with his sister-in-law, and a young son, Ramesh. One day while driving, he accidentally runs over a woman, brings her home, cares for her until she recuperates and tells him that her name is Kamla and is homeless. He finds that Ramesh likes her, so he marries her. After a few months, he is delighted when she becomes pregnant. This delight sours considerably when he finds out through his friend, Pran, that Kamla had been frequenting the OK Club. Then he witnesses her abusing Ramesh. Finally, he drives her out when Ramesh is killed by poisoned milk. Kamla gives birth to a baby boy but Ashok takes over sole custody and names him Mohan. Years later Mohan has grown up and is now an advocate and is in love with a girl named Radha. Even though Radha comes from a poor background, Ashok has no objections and goes to meet with her parents to arrange their marriage. Watch what happens when he finds out that Radha’s mother is none other Kamla.

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0242307/