Tumse Dur Rehke Hamne Jana Song Lyrics – Mohammad Rafi

Mohammed Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar, O Tumse Door Rehke, Adalat

Tumse Dur Rehke Hamne Jana (By: Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar)

From the movie – Adalat (1976)

Tumse Dur Rehke Hamne Jana Song Lyrics in English

(Oh tumse dur rehke – 2 hamne jana pyar kya hai
Dil ne mana yar kya hai) – (2), oh oh
Oh tumse dur rehke

Tumko pake naa pehlu me lagta tha yu
Jite hain kis liye aur jinda hai kyun
Ham bhi rehte the bechain se har ghadi
Bin tumhare toh viran thi jindgi – (2)
Oh tumse dur rehke – (2)

Duriya kis liye mil gaye hain jo ham
Abb toh hone do arman pure sanam
Waqt ane se mit jayengi duriya
Jab naa hongi jamane se majburiya – (2)

Oh tumse dur rehke – (2)

Tumse Dur Rehke Hamne Jana Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

(ओह Tumse Dur Rehke – 2 हम्ने जन प्यार के है
दिल ने मन यार के हैई) – (2), ओह ओह
ओह Tumse Dur Rehke
तुम्को पके ना Pehlu Me Lagta Tha Yu
जेट हैन केइस लियाई और जिंदा है क्युन
हैम भों ने बेचेन से हर गदी
बिन तुमेंथ तोह विरान थी जिंदगी – (2)
ओह Tumse Dur Rehke – (2)
Duriya Kis Liye Mil Gaye Hain Jam
Abb Toh Hone arman शुद्ध Sanam
Waqt Ane Se Mit Jayengi Duriya
जबा ना हांगी जमैन से माजबुरिया – (2)
ओह Tumse Dur Rehke – (2)

About the movie – Adalat (1976)

Simpleton and honest village farmer, Dharamchand alias Dharam is overjoyed when his wife, Radha gives birth to a baby boy who is christen with the name Raju. He comes to the rescue of three city-bred men, Ajit, Suresh and Sujit when they are at the mercy of a man-eating tiger; please with this they decides to offer Dharam a job in Bombay whenever he needs it. Delighted and when things are not quite rosy in the village Dharam, Radha, Raju and his sister, Laxmi decides to move to the city where-by the duo provides living quarters and appoint Dharam as the managing director of their warehouse along with a fat pay packet. Unfortunately calamity destructs when Dharam is arrested by the police for smuggling goods and is placed before the court where-by he pleads his innocence but his bosses testify against him resulting in Dharam getting 18 months imprisonment as well as an additional 6 months for contempt of court. After completing his sentence Dharam goes to his residence to find that nothing is the same anymore as his family are living as destitute while his sister Laxmi has committed suicide after being molested by Sujit. Enraged Dharam decides to seek out the three, mercilessly killing them; this behavior gets notice by the bosses of the underworld who decides to elect Dharam as their ring leader thus Dharam is able to make things right for him and his family by moving in a spacious bungalow and sending Raju to London for further education. Dharam hopes to get Raju marry to his crime-partner daughter but Raju gives his heart to Geeta Varma, the girl he reaches in London. This pits both father and son against each other and to worsen matter Ajit is still alive and plan on settling scores with Dharam once and for all.

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0075632/