Ganga Ji Ki Aarti Song Lyrics –

Aarti Ganga Ji Ki [Full Song] - Badrinath Kedarnath Gangotri Yamnotri - Bhajan Aur Aarti

Ganga Ji Ki Aarti

From the movie – Aarti And Bhajan

Ganga Ji Ki Aarti Song Lyrics in English

Om jai gange mata
Maiya jai gange mata
Jo nar tumko dhyata
Mann vanchit phal pata
Om jai ganga mata
Chandra si jyoti tumhari
Jal nirmal aata
Sharan pade jo teri
So nar tar jata
Om jai ganga mata
Putra sagar ke tare
Sab jag ko gyata
Krupa drishti ho tumhari
Tribhuvan sukh data
Om jai ganga mata
Ek hi baar jo teri
Sharan gati aata
Yam ki traas mitakar
Param gati pata
Om jai ganga mata
Aarti matu tumhari
Jo nar nit gata
Dass wahi sahaj mein
Mukti ko pata
Om jai ganga mata
Maiya jai gange mata

Ganga Ji Ki Aarti Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

ओम जय गंज माता
माया जय गंज माता
जो नर तुमको धायता
मान वंचित फिल पाटा
ओम जय गंगा माता
चंद्र सई ज्योति तुमहारी
जल निर्मल आटा
शरण पेड जो तेरी
तो नार तार जाटा
ओम जय गंगा माता
पुत्र सागर के तारे
सब जग को Gyata
कृपा द्रष्टि हो तुमहारी
त्रिभुवन सुख डेटा
ओम जय गंगा माता
एक हाय बायर जो तेरी
शरण गती आटा
याम की ट्रास मितकर
परम गती पटा
ओम जय गंगा माता
आरती मातू तुहारी
जो नर नित गाटा
दास वही सहज मीन
मुक्ति को पाटा
ओम जय गंगा माता
माया जय गंज माता

About the movie – Aarti And Bhajan

Aarti (Meena Kumari) is a dedicated and hard-working doctor, who believes that her skills should be used for the welfare of patients only. In contrast her fiance, Dr. Prakash (Ashok Kumar) believes in the opposite. Then one day, Aarti’s is saved from drowning by a poor, unemployed youth, Deepak (Pradeep Kumar), and both eventually fall in love. Although her dad is opposed to her having any relationship with Deepak, they marry, and Aarti moves in with Deepak and his family: his brother, Niranjan (Ramesh Deo), Niranjan’s wife, Jaswanti (Shashikala), three of her children; and Deepak’s dad (Gajanan Jagirdar). Dr. Prakash is enraged and humiliated, and vows to avenge this. He gets married to Ramona, but is unable to get Aarti from his mind, and he keeps in touch with Aarti, and does succeed in bringing a discord in their marital life, so much so that Deepak asks Aarti to leave, and she moves in back with her dad. Then Deepak has an accident, and Dr. Prakash is the only surgeon who can operate on him, and he agrees to do so on condition that Aarti surrenders herself to him forever.