Kuchh Aisa Ho Jaaye (Sad Song Lyrics – Xulfi

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Kuchh Aisa Ho Jaaye (Sad) (By: Xulfi)

From the movie – Aao Wish Karein (2009)

Kuchh Aisa Ho Jaaye (Sad Song Lyrics in English

Kyun mujhe abhi kuchh aisa laga hai
Mere dil ne mujhase yeh kahaan hai
Mere har kal ki tu hi subah ho
Mere har pal ki yahin duwa hai
Aise kuchh tu mila hai, kho na jaaye bas yeh dar sa laga tha
Chhoti chhoti baaton mein, sochu din mein raaton mein
Jo chaahu woh ho jaaye kuchh aisa ho jaaye
Bundon ki iss baarish mein, dhundu main har khwaahish mein
Jo chaahu woh mil jaaye kuchh aisa ho jaaye
Ha ha ha ha kuchh aisa ho jaaye
O ho o ho kuchh aisa ho jaaye
Kuchh aisa ho jaaye, kuchh aisa ho jaaye

Kuchh Aisa Ho Jaaye (Sad Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

Kyun Mujhe Abhi Kuchh Aisa Laga Hai
मेरे दिल ने मुज्हेस येना है
मेरे हर कल की तु हाय सुभह हो
मात्र हर पाल की याहिन डुवा है
Aise Kuchh Tu Mila Hai, Kho Na Jaaye Bas Yeh Dar sa laga tha
छत्ती छत्ती बैटन मीन, सोचु दीन मीन राटन मीन
जो चौहू वो हो जाये कुच आइसा हो जाये
Bundon Ki Iss Baarish Mein, Dhundu Main Har Khwahish Mein
जो चाहू वो मिल जाये कुच आइसा हो जाये
हा हा हा हा कुच ऐसा हो जाये
ओ हो ओ हो कुच ऐसा हो जाये
कुच आइसा हो जाये, कुच आइसा हो जाये

About the movie – Aao Wish Karein (2009)

Twelve-year old Mickey Mehra lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Simla along with his father, Vikas, mother, Nisha, and sister, Mini. He is friendly with Bonny and Hitchcock, has a crush on 22-year old Mitika, and wishes that he was older so that he could woo and marry her. Hitchcock takes him to a wishing well, asks him to make a wish, and shortly thereafter Mickey turns into a six-foot tall 22-year old male. He leaves home hurriedly, moves in with Bonny, gets hired by Tiku Malhotra, acquaints himself with Mitika and both fall in love with each other. Complications arise when his distraught parents face bankruptcy, while his wish is on the verge of expiry – reverting him back to being a 12-year old again – with no chance of ever getting married to his sweetheart.

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1538210/