Suruwat Pyar ki Song Lyrics – Yamini Lavanian & Nikhil D’souza

Shuruaat Pyaar Ki

Suruwat Pyar ki (By: Yamini Lavanian & Nikhil D’souza)

From the movie – Aalaap

Suruwat Pyar ki Song Lyrics in English

Ha aao is taraha suruwat ham kare pyar ki – 2
Dil ki bat khud hi samaj le – 2
Jarurat na ho izahar ki izahar ki
Ha aao is taraha suruwat ham kare pyar ki – 2
Pyar ki – 4

Kahe nazar sune bat dil bhi
Kisi tarah kabhi khud se mil bhi
Aa junun sabhi aage chale
Kabhi tujhe main tujh se dekhu
Imtiha kuch bhi hote nahi
Pyar ki – 4

Saso main tum hi chali ho
Ban gai ho jindagi
Fir bhi ye nazre hamari dasta na kah saki
Pyar ki – 4

Aao is tarah suruwat ham kare pyar ki – 2
Band aakho se dekhe – 2
Jarurat na ho didar ki didar ki

Suruwat Pyar ki Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

हा एएओ ताराहा सुरुवत हैम कर प्यार की – 2
दिल की बैट खुड हाय समज ले – 2
जारूरत ना हो इज़ाहर की इज़हर की
हा एएओ ताराहा सुरुवत हैम कर प्यार की – 2
प्यार की – 4
Kahe Nazar Sune Bat dil Bhi
किसि ताराह कही खुद से मिल भी
Aa Junun Sabhi Aage Chale
कही तुजे मुख्य तुज से देखु
Imtiha kuch bhi hote nahi
प्यार की – 4
सासो मेन तुम हाय चाली हो
बान गाई हो जिंदगी
फ़िर भाई ये नज़ारा हमारी दास्ता ना कह साकी
प्यार की – 4
आओ तारा सूरतवत हैम कर प्यार की – 2 है
बैंड Aakho Se Dekhe – 2
जारूरत ना हो दीदी की दीदीर की

About the movie – Aalaap

Widowed Advocate Triloki Prasad lives a wealthy lifestyle in a small town in India with two sons, Advocate Ashok – who is married to Geeta, and Alok – who has yet to settle down in their law firm. Alok is fond of music and does enroll in classes run by Pandit Jamuna Prasad. On his return, his father asks him to accompany Ashok to their law firm and start learning to practice, which he agrees to do. Then one day Triloki finds out that Alok has not been at the firm but is instead spending time in the local slums with a former courtesan named Sarju Bai Banaraswali. He cautions Alok about this, but Alok continues to visit Sarju Bai. When Mr. Gupta approaches Triloki about taking possession & demolishing the slum area, Triloki readily agrees and with his expertise manages to sway the Court’s decision in Gupta’s favor. As a result, Sarju Bai and others are rendered homeless. With the fee he receives from Gupta, he asks Alok to purchase a used car for himself. But Alok purchases a horse-carriage and decides to drive it himself to make a living. His enraged father asks him to leave the house. When Triloki finds out that Alok is doing well in his work, he decides to hire motor coaches to transport people at a much cheaper price, thus cutting off Alok’s earnings and perhaps forcing him to reconsider his decision, apologize, and return home to his father. The question remains, will these actions force Alok to return home, or will the misunderstandings between father and son continue indefinitely