Bas Main Aur Tu Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Akaash Vani movie

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Bas Main Aur Tu Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Akaash Vani

Huu hoo

huu hoo

(Diya dhakka raat ko

I pushed the night

Aur ho gayi subah

And it was morning

Nakhrili oas ko Hai liya mana) – (2)

I even coaxed the tantrum-thrown by the dew – 2

Chhuti jo baat thi

The talks that was incomplete

Kar li hai phir shuru

I have started them once again

Raste bhi hans rahe jo hai chale

Even the paths that are walking are laughing

Bas main aur tu hmm – 3

Just I and you – 3

(Bandh kanni chand me

Tie the thread on the moon

Chal apni patang udaye

and let’s fly our kites

Aasman se phenk langar

Throw the anchor from the sky

Tare kuchh giraye) – (2)

and pull down a few stars – 2

Kar badal mutthi me

change the grip of your fist

Dar lage chutki me

feel the fear in a blink of a second

Chale aaj chal is tarah

Let’s walk today such a way

Ke na phir ruke kabhi

that we never stop again

Phir main aur tu hmm – 3

Once again me and you – 3

Soch na jo kal hua

Don’t think what happened yesterday

Soch na kya hoga kal

Don’t think what will happen tomorrow

Behne de be-fikar

Let it flow carelessly

Be-parwah ye sare pal

and without bothering these all moments

Chai me biscuit duba

Dip the biscuit in the tea

Barish se bunde chura

Steal the drops from the rain

Auro ki na soch tu

Don’t worry about others

Aaja chale

Come, let’s go

Yun main aur tu hmm – 3

This way me and you – 3

Kuchh bhi na mangu main

I won’t ask anything

Kisi ki na manu main

I will not listen to anyone

Khush hai tu

You are my happiness

Sang hai tu

You are with me

Bas itna janu main

I know this much only

Jo degi hath tu

that if you give your hands in mine

Dunga main sath yu

I will be your companion like this

Main tere sath hu

I am with you

Chal chal pade

Come, let’s go

Ab main aur tu hmm – 2

Now me and you – 2

Ab main aur tu – 2

Now me and you – 2

About the movie – Akaash Vani

Follows the love story of a boy and a girl.