Aap Ki Khatir Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Aap Ki Khatir movie

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Aap Ki Khatir Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Aap Ki Khatir

aap ki khatir mere dil ka jahaan hain haazir

My life and heart is in your service

apne saare armaan kar du main zaahir

let me reveal my heart’s desires to you

ishq bhi kya cheez hai ismein hosh rehta nahi

What kind of love is this that one loses their equilibirium

yeh toh hai silsila chain-o-sukun ka dil ke junoon ka afareen

this is all about content and peace, heart’s obssession for the loved one

aapki baaton se mulaakaton se khayalon se

about the time spent thinking, encounters with the loved one.

huaan main huaan bada hi munhasir

I became very dependent

aapki khaatir

for you

kabhi kabhi toh hoti hai yahaan mukammal aashiqui

sometime the moment of love is realized

kai karvatein legi yeh zindagi badle na nazar aapki

I get restless thinking, that you may look elsewhere( you may love someone else)

aapko bataaun kaise yaaran samjhaaun kaise

How should I explain/convince you my love

saath aaisa milega na phir

that you will never find another lover like me.

About the movie – Aap Ki Khatir

Anu hires Aman, an escort, to accompany her back to London in the hope of making her hunky ex-boyfriend Danny jealous at her sister’s wedding. Trouble ensues when Aman falls in love with Anu.