Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Aandhi movie

Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Shikwa To Nahin | Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar | Aandhi 1975 Songs

Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Aandhi

Movie: Aandhi

Song: Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi

SS: barson baad, yun ghumne nikli hoon … aise lagta hai

(after so many years am out like this….. it feels like)

SK: kiya?


SS: jaise wo kisi sadi ki baath thi

(Like that was in another era )

SK: huhn.., shaayad un dinon ki baath hogi,

(maybe its from those time)

jab yeh imaarath abhi ujdehi nahin thi

(when this building was not a ruin)

SS: huhn.., pichle kisi janam ki bath hi tho laghti hai na?

(hmm….. looks like it was another lifetime, doesn’t it)

SK: ek kaam karein.., jab thak thum yahan ho..,

(lets do something….. till the time you are here….)

roz ghar pe kaane keliye tho aaya hi karogi

(You will come for dinner at home everyday)

khaane ke baad, ghoom ne nikal aya kareinge

(after dinner, we will take a walk/ go visiting places)

kum-se-kum, yeh imaarath, kuch dinon keliye tho bas jaayegi

(at least these buildings will have someone living in it)

thumhaare shawl kahan?

(where’s your shawl)

SS: um, hahn hahn, bhool gai, hahn, ah, ah, na, na,

(Hmm..yes yes I forgot it)

SK: thum nahin badaloge, lo

(You will not change, take this)

Lata:Tere bina zindagi se koyi, shikwa, to nahi, shikwa nahi, shikwa nahi, shikwa nahi

(without you, There will not be any complaints about life)

Tere bina zindagi bhi lekin, zindagi, to nahi, zindagi nahi, zindagi nahi, zindagi nahi

(but then without you my life will not be a life at all)

Tere bina zindagi se koyi, shikwa, to nahi

(without you, I will have no complaints about life)

Kaash aisa ho tere qadmo se, chun ke manzil chale, aur kahi, door kahi (2)

(If only the destiny was to touch your feet and go somewhere else, far away)

Tum gar saath ho, manzilo ki, kami to nahi

(If you are with me, there are many destinations)

Tere bina zindagi se koyi, shikwa, to nahi

(without you I will have no complaints with life)

SK: Suno Aarti.., ye jo phoolon ki belen nazar aati hain na,

(listen Arti… you see these flower vines)

darasal ye belein nahin hai, arabi main aayaten likhi huyi hain.

(actually they are not vines, but signs/symbols written in arabic)

Ise din ke vaqt dekhna chahiye.., bilkul saaf nazar aati hain.

(You should watch it during the day..is very clear then)

Din ke vaqt ye paani se bharaa rahataa hai.

(During the day it is filled with water)

Din ke vaqt.., jab ye fuwhare…

(In the daytime…. when the droplets…)

SS: Kyon din ki baaten kar rahe ho.

(Why are you talking about daytime)

Kahaan aa paaungi main din ke vaqt?

(How will I be able to come during the day)

SK: Ye jo chaand hai na, ise raat main dekhnaa…

(See this moon… watch it at night…..)

Ye din main nahin nikaltaa ..

(It doesn’t come out at daytime)

SS: Ye to jaroor nikaltaa hogaa

(This surely must be coming out)

SK: Haan.., lekin beech mein amaavas aa jaati hai.

Yes, but in the middle/halfway there is the dark night)

Waise to amaavas pandra dinon ke hothi hai, lekin is baar bahut lambi thhi

(Actually the darkest night is usually for 15 days, but this time it was a very long one)

SS: Nau baras lambi thhi naa ?

(was as long as 9 years, na?)

Lata:Jee mein aata hai, tere daaman mein, sar jhuka ke ham, rote rahe, rote rahe (2)

(I feel like, keeping my head at your feet/ in your lap I cry over and over)

Teri bhi aankho mein, aansuo ki, nami to nahi

(In your eyes also isn’t there a trace of tears)

Kishore: Tere bina zindagi se koyi, shikwa, to nahi,

(Without you I will have no complaints of life)

shikwa nahi, shikwa nahi, shikwa nahi

About the movie – Aandhi

J.K. is a hotel Manager in a scenic location in India. One day he gallantly comes to the rescue of a drunk daughter, Aarti, of a politician, and chooses to be discrete about it. When she recovers, she and he fall in love; get married in a small marriage ceremony, have a daughter,…